New Paradigms in Debt Management

Global debt collection trends are shifting toward more automation and greater use of mobile phones. There is also a general trend to more softly softly approaches to debt collection methodologies. Low risk customers are given less resources and more time to self cure, whilst high risk customers are targeted with early intervention practices. In debt management and collection companies, better customer relationship building is being highlighted within the industry as a whole.

Many global alliances between debt collection companies have contributed to strong growth in the industry, as a whole, and in its effectiveness in recovering payments for clients. Chasing bad debts internationally used to be a difficult and often unsuccessful process, but, now, with local agents in place on the ground many of those problems are a thing of the past. This is seeing more and more outsourcing of debt collection by businesses around the world.

TCM Group is a global alliance of more than one hundred and sixty certified debt collection agencies with more than twenty five years experience and is just one of a number of these new debt collection companies. The UK firm First Collect International is another to spread its wings and move into the global debt recovery market. Atradius Collections has over three hundred collection agents worldwide and offers that local knowledge to effectively recover owed moneys. GSC Credit claim that the biggest threat to business cash flow comes from outstanding debts and sees that improved debt collection efficacy can produce more corporate profit growth.

With debt management, acquisition and collection businesses currently in an upward growth cycle, as more companies profit from their effective services, the industry is seeing new paradigms in debt management practices. Companies like the Australian debt acquisition company ACM are leading the way with new methodologies for effective but sensitive debt collecting. Intrum Justitia is another taking new approaches in debt collection into the global market. Direct Recovery in the US and internationally specialises in commercial and consumer debt collection. Companies like Priority Credit Recovery in Canada, ABC Amega in the US, Euler Hermes Collections, and the European Collectors Association are all involved in the global debt management sector.

The future looks bright for the debt management sector and economically further growth is anticipated globally. International trade agreements in the US, Asia and Europe are seeing exponential growth in the trade between countries, so the need for more debt collection infrastructure is only going to increase.

12 Executive Ways to Lose the Shirt off Your Back

We can all sometimes find ourselves in dire financial trouble due to our proclivities for activities which involve some release from mundane responsibilities. Here are twelve such ways to lose the proverbial shirts off one’s back:

Coming in at number one in this executive list of ways to lose the lot is to invest your hard earned in your best mate’s ‘sure fire’ get rich quick real estate scheme. Real estate investment schemes are powerfully attractive in Australia and the old adage that you cannot lose when buying property, must be amended in certain cases. Sometimes in these schemes you are not buying property in your own name but under the aegis of the investment vehicle and when this goes belly up you lose the lot. So, watch out and remember to get a professional in to read the fine print of all contracts you sign.

Number two would be the decision to buy that share in a pedigree race horse with your mates from the cricket club. Equus may indeed be a noble beast but it must be kept in mind that the vast majority of thoroughbreds end up as pet food, after costing their owners a squillion dollars in training fees and feed.

Third on our executive list of sure fire ways to lose the shirt off your back is the long distance Internet relationship with a beauty from a far flung land. This enormously attractive lady, from her emailed photos to you, suffers an appalling run of bad luck, which calls for you to financially help her out and to send her airline tickets, repeatedly. Strangely she never makes those flights and your relationship peters out when you refuse to send her the last of your savings.

Next, is the decision to buy an old boat in need of renovating, which chews through your bank balance like jaws. Another is the foolish choice to get emotionally attached to a phone sex girl; wanking has never been so expensive. Buying shares in some stocks recommended by your boss is also never a particularly smart idea; a no win situation for sure. Another would be to not heed the hashtag #gambleresponsibly while taking up the alluring options on a betting website; the fast way to reduce your holdings.

Also, please consider not buying gold; not investing in renewable rainforest plantations; marron farms; all forms of aquaculture and the latest IT solution stocks.  These were my 12 Executive Ways to Lose the Shirt off Your Back.

Why Are Finance Guys So Greedy & Hedonistic?

In answering this question I am immediately drawn to the fact that most accountants are not real wild guys and that much of the finance industry is a pretty dry place. There are, however, a hungry bunch of, mainly male, operators in the merchant banking and trading sectors. These intensely profit driven sections of the finance industry are encouraged to be uber aggressive in their approach to sales and deal making. Managers demand the meeting and surpassing of steep targets and there is a highly competitive atmosphere at work.

This work environment attracts a milieu of macho and aggressive male attitudes to the business of making money. The women who work here, operate like the men; hungry for the next conquest. This is high risk and high reward; witness the subprime loan manipulation by the merchant banking sector on Wall Street and the resultant global economic crisis. Trillions of dollars were lost, but these men made millions of dollars before the collapse and were never prosecuted in the wake of it. What does this tell us about the morality of the money market? That it doesn’t have any; it is amoral. The wolf of Wall Street is a pretty accurate phrase.

If you are going to sell your soul for a bunch of money, lie and cheat your way to the head of the queue, then you are going to want to befuddle a few million brain cells with booze and snort. Unwinding after making a killing is all part of the reward, drugs and sex without the rockin roll. Some high class escorts to have uncomplicated celebratory sex with, and a hedonistic lifestyle rich with material signs of success, like sports cars, cool designer clothes and expensive trendy bars and restaurants. The whole business at every level is driven by greed.

Even the schmuck investors who lose their money are motivated by the desire to amass more money in the first place; their greed makes them vulnerable. The finance guy operates in a relative place of purity, funny as that sounds, his only interest is in making money, he doesn’t care about making things, manufacturing any valuable commodities, no, he just wants your money to invest; to meet his monthly target. Shareholders demand dividends, managers demand profits and greed turns the wheel of fortune. Some players are ascending and others are falling to ruin and destruction; the finance guy is making sure that he is climbing, with a babe and some blow in tow. Its called capitalism and this is the main game we play.

Impressive Legal Service of Sydney Law Firms for a worry less Settlement

Assisting needing clients with settlements, mediation and litigation, North Sydney Law firm is proud of their expertise and experience to handle cases for their clients to obtain the best results at any means. With their exceptional specialization in Business, Families Law, Will and Estate laws, they can assist clients in all of the legal involvement and concerns. Handling legal matters personally is not an easy task. You need the help of the legal team to help us understand our legal issues and how to address them one by one. Experienced and accredited practitioners, North Sydney Law Firm(s) get the best people who can be with the whole team to be an appropriate solicitor for their clients.

law firmAvailable all the time Sydney Legal is more than of a client service. The good thing is that they are giving a free of charge consultation for you to check their legibility and when you are about to get them to handle your case, they are giving you a transparent and fixed computation of their services. They are making sure that they are giving you the details, which you can easily understand in plain and simple English. They will be going with you all throughout your case process. Offering flexible hours for their clients is a favorable option for those who have a specific time for working. With their available and accessible legal aid, they can be able to give a fast and efficient service for all their clients. With their numerous and variety of barristers, anyone can have their personal legal aid to handle their personal legal issues.

To aid with the successful business of the businessmen, business lawyers are there to work with your accountant to be able to guide the business to be able to understand legalities about running a business to be able to abide with the law and the proper management of the business. A business law firm should have the lawyers who have the specialization in business law to know the legal documentation, litigation to debt collection and letting their client know the legalities in having such kind of business including the workers compensation premiums. Business law includes debt recovery including overdue invoices. Services which includes issuing letters of demands and statement of demands for the debtor, could accompany you as a client for negotiation and settlements in mediation until in winding up proceedings. They will accompany you in your fight for whatever is rightfully owed to you and will help you in winning the case.

As they are providing the highest standard service for their client, as much as possible they will try to seek for your vacant time for meeting such as they can visit your home or you may visit their place for personal case consultation and to discuss personally the progression of the case. Providing you a personal attention through calls and even sending you emails for follow-ups and the processes you need to undergo including the different plan of actions you will be executing. Sydney law firms are excellent in handling different kinds of cases and handling personal legal issues to help you out to fight for your right.

How to Choose a Building Inspector Perth

When you’re in the market for a building, you should certainly consider a building inspection perth. However, deciding which inspector to choose can be a tough decision. Fortunately, if you know what to look for then you can certainly get it done. Here are some of the most critical issues to consider when selecting an inspector:

1. Qualifications

building inspectorThis issue in terms of selecting a building inspector Perth can be tougher than it seems. Make sure that the inspector has a solid background in terms of knowledge about how to inspect a house. Hands-on experience is critical instead of just having book knowledge, since it will help the inspector to determine more easily regarding any issues that must be addressed before or after you purchase the building. Be careful about inspectors who have cheesy certificates that were earned quickly. While it might make the inspector seem to be an expert in making inspections, do some research about the qualifications required.

2. Experience

While book knowledge is definitely critical when choosing an inspector, there’s basically no substitute for experience. There’s no particular amount that an inspector must have, but it’s always better if he or she has years or even decades of experience rather than months. This aspect is arguably just as important as professional knowledge, as it will help the inspector to easily determine what’s right and wrong with a particular building. Sometimes even if someone has enough book knowledge, without enough experience it’s quite possible that they could miss certain issues during an inspection.

3. Report (Written)

It’s important that you get a report after the inspection, and most important—that it be in writing. This will provide a permanent record that can be useful in negotiating before you purchase a building, if you choose to do that. Always make sure that the report is in writing. Besides that, it should be thorough. Make sure that it includes details about various aspects of the building, including its electricity, plumbing, structure, and so on. It should also include information about the current state of the structure, as well as future repairs that will be needed in either the near or distant future.

4. Price

The bottom line is critical when choosing an inspector for a building. You should consider comparing at least three inspectors before deciding on one, to ensure that you don’t pay the highest rates possible. However, besides that you should not only consider the rates of the inspector, but also the value. If you want quality you’ll have to pay for it, but that doesn’t mean that you should spend a small fortune either. You should definitely make sure that you don’t simply look for a bargain rate, and then be disappointed later by the workmanship of the inspector. No low rates are worth such a nightmare.

5. Equipment
You should also be aware of any equipment that will be used to conduct the inspection. This will help to ensure that it’s thorough, and also will help to determine if the inspector’s rates are reasonable.

What to Look for in an Oak Flooring Company

Are you in the market for new flooring? If so, then you might need to find an oak flooring company. There are several to choose from, so the key is to find the right one for your particular needs. Here are some major issues to consider to accomplish that mission:


oak flooringThis is one of the most critical issues to consider when finding a flooring company. You should definitely consider both the quality of the materials used, as well as the installation itself. Be wary of companies that skimp in either or both areas, as it will ultimately mean that you’ll end up with low-quality flooring. In terms of the materials, make sure that only top-notch oak is used. While oak is typically a durable material, there are different grades, so it’s critical that a flooring company uses the best quality materials.

The quality of installation is also important. Make sure that the company never takes any shortcuts, to ensure that the oak flooring is installed properly. Verifying that a company is licensed in your state to conduct contracting work will definitely help to prevent potential problems. Also, make sure that the company itself is legit, and has all of its paperwork in order. If it refuses to supply such documentation, you should take your business elsewhere.

2. Price

This issue is closely related to the issue of quality. Of course you’ll want to find a company that provides competitive prices. However, keep in mind that the saying “You get what you pay for” generally applies in the home improvement industry. You should definitely expect to pay higher rates for good quality and craftsmanship. That being said, it’s important to shop around so you can find low rates for quality materials and work. Typically you should get at least 3 estimates and more if you can.

3. Reputation

There are various sources to check up on past work of the company. They include testimonials on the company’s website, local home improvement organizations, and the Better Business Bureau. Keep in mind that even top-notch companies might have experienced some disgruntled customers. However, you should look for their overall experience. If half or most of the customers haven’t been happy about the work of a flooring company, then it’s definitely a red flag that you should probably take your business elsewhere.

As a word of caution, read ‘testimonials’ on websites with a grain of salt. They’re usually handpicked, so you probably won’t find any negative ones.

4. Terms/Conditions

It’s important to read the big print and small print, as different companies will have different policies regarding this issue. Always read all of the terms and conditions, so you don’t miss anything. If anything is unclear or seems to include “legalese” then you should definitely have an expert review the policies. Unfortunately many homeowners learn in the middle of, or after hiring flooring company that there were certain terms/conditions that they missed or misunderstood. That can result in a world of problems, so make sure that everything is crystal clear beforehand.

The Great and Powerful Award Received By Businessmen

business awardsIn business, you cannot only focus on yourself in making your business and funds grow, but you also need to give some to charity or organizations in order to have your business prosper. You can support and contribute to some projects that promote wellness and happiness in marginalized families.

One of the greatest leaders is the pope and Robert Kirby holds no businesses. Yet Robert Kirby has great power. Papal Orders of Knighthood are awarded to those who have served the society and the church. The Pope would be the one to personally know and distinguish someone deserving to receive the papal honor.

The Lucky Businessmen

The owners of businesses should indeed offer some public services in return of the favor granted to them to which their business has prospered. There are several businessmen who have received Papal Knights. These businesspersons are good in their business as well as they are also good in service to others. You can find below the several business who has received Papal Honors. This is just one of a kind and not a single person can be compared to you if you have received the Papal honor.

  1. Mr. Ferris is the trustee of a hospital in Sydney. St. Vincent Hospital and also one of the board member of a charity of Sisters Charity Foundation, Catholic Health Service and St Vincent’s Clinic Foundation.
  2. Mr. Dominguez is a banker and a stock broker have contribution to health and education; he is also one of the members of Advisory Council of College, St Ignatius and advisor to one of the organization in Australia, the Pregnancy Support AU.
  3. Hon. Associate Justice Mc Laughlin is a member of St Thomas More Society of Catholic Lawyers, and Secretary to the Association of Knights and Dames Papal Honors.
  4. Mr. Robert Kirby was given Benemereti, a medal from Pope for his good works because Robert Kirby Sydney became the chairman of a organization, the Mgr John People Retirement Board, which he only volunteers for that position. Not only that,  Robert Kirby also made a major contribution for church life in All Hallow Five Dock.
  5. Mr. Harold O Keefe had an order of St Sylvester because he also has worked with Catholic Cemetery trust
  6. Mr. Norman Merlino was also given Benemerenti,a Medal from the Pope,because he was recognized as having been in service in their parish for more than 30 years. Another 1 years in service as voluntary manager in Mgr John People’s Unit.

These lucky business men should be proud as to what they have received because this is only a once in a lifetime award given by the highest leader in church. With that award they should continue to be of service to the people who would need their service. Not only through the business they have but also to their chosen service. Because of their great wealth they can add some additional services they would like to get involved with. This is always a blessing to help and serve the people and to your own community. Payback is good to those who do well to others.

A Simple Buyer’s Guide for Teak Outdoor Furniture

Considering new teak outdoor furniture? If so, you want to know what to buy, and where to buy it. Not only so that you find the sets that are going to look good and match the outdoor decor you have in place, but also to ensure you find a great deal, on the highest quality material. If you are new to outdoor furniture shopping, or simply wish to find the best deal, the teak outdoor furniture experts Bali Republic offer these simple tips in order to ensure you make the right decision when the time comes for you to select your new teak set.

teak outdoor furnitureQuality of teak outdoor furniture

When it comes to the world of teak, there is more than one option for you to consider. With this being said, you are going to have to pay a bit more for higher quality materials, but these pieces are also going to last far longer and look far better. Consider these options when the time comes to buy:

– Grade A: Heartwood, typically the strongest wood and made from materials taken from the centre of the trunk – thus durable and reliable.

– Grade B: Heartwood that is typically taken from weaker trees, generally 20 years or younger– thus not as strong as Grade A.

– Grade C: Made from the outer layers of the wood, with the wider grain. Containing less natural oils, and pieces tend to be more fragile.

You will find that the teak set you are going to buy will be labelled, and this will give you an indication of the type of quality you can expect from the set. Grade A sets can last for 10, 15, even up to 20 years, or longer, if properly cared for. With Grade B, you typically get about 10 years of use, and with Grade C, you can expect 5 to 10 years, depending on how well taken care of the piece. Keep this in mind, and do not always settle for cheaper, as this is not going to be the best option in the long run. Over time, it can end up costing you far more as you will have to replace the sets more often if you opt for the cheaper sets.

Teak outdoor furniture sets

With teak, buyers are also going to have several options in terms of the finish of the furniture they choose to buy as well. Natural, or the unfinished state is the most commonly chosen set option when you do buy a teak set; it begins as a reddish brown, and then gets a greyish finish as it ages and matures. Sealed teak is also reddish brown in colour, but in order to avoid fading or discoloration, you do have to treat the wood every once in a while. Pre-weathered teak has already faded to the natural greyish hue, so it is not really going to change much in terms of the colour variation, as the furniture continues to age. Depending on the variety you like, how much and how well you plan on caring for the furniture, and the style of your outdoor decor or set, these are a few of the factors to keep in mind when you are choosing a new teak set.

Maintenance for teak

With your new teak outdoor furniture, you also have to consider the maintenance, in order to ensure you extend the life, and in order to ensure the pieces look good for years to come. Basic cleaning should be done once or twice yearly; using soap and gentle scrubbers is the best way to get rid of residue and dirt build up over time on your furniture set. Wood resistant oil should be applied periodically as well. Although not all owners choose to do this, it will help to maintain the wood’s strength, and it will also help to maintain the colour variation you have chosen, based on whether or not the set you chose to purchase was weathered, or was the natural colour of teak.

With so many options and so many places you can buy new teak furniture, how do you know what the best sets are and where to get a high quality set. Considering these factors when shopping is the best way to find a high quality set, and also find a great deal. Before you buy, make sure you shop around, compare the grade of the wood sets, pricing, and different techniques used to design the pieces, so that you do find exactly what you are looking for, and so you find the best deal on your new teak outdoor set.

Managing a car rental business

The basics of car rental business

Car rental businesses have grown in leaps and bounds in the recent past, partly due to a surge in the number of travelers globally. Such tremendous growth has not come without its share of challenges. Today, the car rental sector is a highly competitive industry. This has made it imperative for individuals managing car rental businesses to manage their enterprises effectively if their businesses are to stay afloat.

The core function of car rental enterprises is to hire out cars to interested parties at a predetermined rate. Anyone with some experience in the industry knows too well that beyond the facade of renting out cars, lies a greater need to manage different facets of the business. This is where marketing and management of auto rental businesses come into play.

Starting an auto rental business

car rental businessThe first step in proper management of an auto rental business revolves around outlining the scope of operation. This is key because there are two categories of rental businesses in the auto-world: daily hire and contracted hire. In daily hire, which is more common with tourists, a business leases out vehicles to individual travelers usually for a short period of time. Contracted hire on the other hand, involves leasing out cars to businesses for a predefined (and usually longer) period of time.

Once the niche of the rental business is established, the next step involves getting a fleet of cars depending on the target market. Typically, there are two broad categories of cars: luxury cars and standard cars. At the onset, it may not be possible to manage a large fleet of cars, but as the business grows, one is able to expand their fleet with relative ease.

Once there is a fleet of cars, the single most important aspect for any car rental enterprise is the availability of fleet insurance cover. It is unlawful to rent out cars without insurance as this places clients at risk while on the road. When setting up the business, shop around for the best insurance offers. Laying up a sound foundation for the auto rental business is the first step to proper management practices.

Sound management practices for car rental businesses

The golden rule in managing an auto rental business involves understanding the dynamics of the fleet of vehicles as well as addressing the needs of the target market. It helps to know what is in demand as this helps you establish a dynamic fleet of vehicles. In addition to this, it is critical for businesses to ensure that the day-to-day operations are handled in an automated manner. Gone are the days when managing a car hire business was done manually. Today, there are different software programs available to manage such a business seamlessly.

Marketing a car rental business is also an integral part of sound management practice. Marketing means understanding one’s fleet and presenting the benefits to the target market. Traditional marketing channels may be used in line with modern marketing platforms afforded by the advent of technology in today’s world. If well-managed, auto rental businesses have the potential to grow exponentially in just a few years.

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Proper business management is critical in running a solar panel company

Solar Panel Business Opportunities

Renewable energy has gained popularity over the years, opening up a whole new world of opportunities for entrepreneurs running a solar panel business. The increased demand for solar power products globally has made it imperative for business owners to manage their companies properly. This has, over the years, created a close relationship between business management and how it can be used for the effective running of a solar panel business. Business management refers to the sum of activities that are concerned with running a successful business. Listed below are pointers that show how a business dealing with solar panels can be managed effectively.
solar business marketing

Human Resource

Human resource is the backbone of every successful business. In the solar industry, and especially for product-oriented businesses such as a solar panel company, human resource management is critical. Proper management of a solar panel company involves getting skilled personnel to oversee the different aspects of the business. This personnel includes solar consultants, solar engineers, project managers, contractors, directors of field operations and an elite team of financial experts. The head of a solar panel business must be experienced in the field of solar energy, and must have a good grasp of sustainable construction technology.

Marketing Solar Panel services

Marketing is an indispensable facet in the proper management of any business. When it comes to solar panels, effective marketing revolves around getting your product in the public eye of the targeted niche. Looking out for opportunities such as the development of new residential and commercial areas, upgrade of commercial facilities that are keen on going green and large scale projects by the government is essential. Closely tied to marketing of solar panels is the need to maintain client relationships by going the extra mile and offering additional services such as upgrading, repairs and maintenance of solar panels.


Sustainable energy technology advances with each passing day. For a solar panel company to stay afloat, it is important that modern training is incorporated into everyday business management. In this industry, Solar Energy International (SEI) is a non-profit organization that seeks to empower businesses globally by providing training in sustainable renewable solar energy. SEI organizes both training and certification, enabling solar panel companies to make strides in this sector. In addition, this helps businesses keep abreast with the latest technology, in effect contributing to effective business management.

As with any other business in the solar industry, innovation is key. A business that consistently pushes for innovative solar products always carves out a unique niche in the market. This, alongside the need to re-invent, cannot possibly be ignored as integral aspects of managing a solar panel enterprise successfully.

In conclusion, business management of any solar panel business determines whether or not a business flourishes. By taking into account the aforementioned factors, entrepreneurs in this sector have the capacity to grow their businesses to greater heights. With the numerous ‘going green’ projects across the world, any business keen to invest in the solar industry is sure to reap great rewards.